Three Christian families boycotted in Sukama, Chhattisgarh, restored and compensated for losses by assailants

October 24, 2019

Three Christians living in Bondiguda village in Sukama district of Chhattisgarh. Their neighbouring villagers displeased by the fact that these families practiced Christianity, threatened them to either leave their faith in Christ or leave the village. Following this, on May 23, 2019, a mob of villagers went to their houses and threw out their utensils and furniture and vandalized the structure of their homes, leaving the poor Christians homeless in an instant. The Christians disheartened by the ordeal, decided to leave their village with their respective families.

When Pastor Philip informed the Chhattisgarh Legal Aid Centre, ADF India (CLAC) about the incident, ADF allied lawyer  from CLAC promptly reached out to the victims and helped them draft a police complaint regarding the incident. Thereafter, Sariam, Kuram and Panda went to the local police station to file the complaint, however, the police officer urged them to arrive at a compromise with the opposing villagers. Consequently, CLAC helped the victims address their concern to the Collector. The District Collector deputed the Superintendent of Police to conduct an inquiry.

The opposing villagers were astounded by the persistence of the victims and feared that the tables would turn against them. They now thought it best to reconcile with the Christians whom they had banished from the village. As an effort to reconcile with the victims they invited them for a meeting in the month of July 2019 where they apologized and promised that their vandalized homes would be re-built and losses incurred by them would be reimbursed by the villagers. An allied lawyer from the CLAC visited the victims once again in September 2019 and it was known that the families have finally settled down and have been practicing their Christian faith without fear.