10 injured in backlash against Christians demanding rations in Chattisgarh, India

  June 16, 2014

  Bastar, Chhattisgarh

  Complicity of Authorities, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

When 52 families who were denied ration for two months in the Sirisguda Village which was a order enforced by the panchayat head, they approached the food inspector of the district and asked for an enquiry to be conducted. On Monday, 16 June 2014, when the two representatives were sent to appease the village leaders and the compalinants, both of them were chased away from the village. Then some assailants filed a false complaint at the Badanji Police Station, Lakandi Taluk – District Bastar about the Christians beating the Hindus in the village. This was simultaneously follwed up by a mob of 200 perpertrators who attacked 52 Christian families at 14:30 hours. Most families were stoned and chased away with sticks, while 8 men and 2 women were seriously injured and hospitalized.

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