400 activists threatened 12 believers with dire consequences at Kondagaon, Chattisgarh

  June 25, 2017

  Bastar, Chhattisgarh

  Anti-Conversion Laws, Complicity of Authorities, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault, Restrictions on religious assembly

On 25th June 2017, Worship service was stopped and threatened believers with dire consequence at Kondagoan, Chattisgarh.

Around 12 believers gathered for worship at one of the believers house. Around 400 hindutva activists from different villages came and stopped the worship.

They threatened the believers that if they don’t renounce their faith and have to stop the worship otherwise will have to face with dire consequences. But believers told them that they are not going to give up their faith, on hearing of their response, the hindutva activists broke their house and destroy the house hold items and threatened them not to conduct any service in that area.

Also on 23rd June the villagers from Kondagoan beaten up the believers and many were injured because they were going to church and warned the believers no need to go to church.26th June 2017, believers went to file a written complaint to the Iragaon Police station, police took their complaint but they have not given any receipt copy to believers, till today no action has taken by the police. Later police called both parties to the station for a compromise. Believers were very few compared to the villagers gathered there at the police station.

On seeing the mob police made statement that these believers agreed to renounce their faith. Believers denied the police statement. Believers are living in fear and they covered their house with plastic sheets.

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