5 Christians and a child arrested and detained in Karnataka, India

  November 12, 2011

  Hassan, Karnataka

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment

On November 12, five Christians along with a 4 year old child were detained in the in Belur , Krishnarajnagar , Karnataka.

The incident occurred on Saturday at about 2 pm when sister Mani, along with Ms. Gangamma, Ms. Padmavathy and her 4 year old child, Mr. Raju and Mr. Varun Chakravarthy went to Belur to attend a prayer meeting.

After the prayer meeting, they were returning to Krishnarajnagar and were waiting for the Bus at the Belur Bus Stand. Suddenly, a group of around 10 Bajrang Dal activists stopped the Christians and started asking them questions and assaulted Raju and Varun and alleged them to be involved in forcible conversions. The activists informed the Harehally police station.

The sub-inspector of police Mr.Venkatesh and other officers arrived and took the believers along with the 4 year old child to the police station for questioning. Police charged the Christians with deliberate acts intended to insult religious feelings under section 295-A of the Indian Penal Code.

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