Burial Service disrupted in Haryana, India

  March 6, 2015

  Faridabad, Haryana

  Damage to Property, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

On March 6, 2015 in Paali near Faridabad, a Christian burial ceremony was disrupted, stopped by local villagers and later the Christians were chased away from the cemetery. Ps. Pal* along with 70-80 Christians had gathered at Paali Christian Cemetery for a burial service. When they had begun digging the pit for the coffin to be lowered down, fundamentalists in about 12 bikes came to the spot and stopped the digging of the pit. They said that this land’s soil cannot be used to bury a Christian. The mob then grew to about 700 people with local villagers joining in, who then started damaging vehicles, the ambulance that was carrying the body and chased away all the Christians. The Police then came to the spot and escorted the Pastor and 3 other who had stayed back with the body to another Christian Cemetery at Faridabad Sector 19 where the ceremony was completed. Two Christians are still reported to be at the hospital. The land that was being disputed to be used for burial was allotted recently by the Haryana Government to be used as a Christian Cemetery and about 6 burials had already taken place on the land.

*name changed

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