Christian brutally attacked for professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

  April 9, 2016

  Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi

  Damage to Property, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

A Christian from village Tewardih, Thana Cholapur, Varanasi, UP, in whose house a small group of 25-30 people gather for Christian prayers was attacked brutally. People have been threatening him for the last 2 years to stop the worship. They were finding ways to fight with him. He used to sell vegetables. On 9.4.2016, two people caught him and later 6 people beat him mercilessly. They kicked him and beat him with sticks. They tied him upside down on a tree. They inserted a lathi in his throat and he started bleeding. They then threw him in a pit thinking that he had died.

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