Christian couple arrested in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh

  January 23, 2017

  Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh

  Complicity of Authorities, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment


On 23rd January 2017, the police arrested a Christian couple in Petlawad, Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh on charges of forcible conversion.

This couple’s friends were visiting and staying with them. On the same night, a group of Hindutva activists, accompanied by the police, stormed into the house around 2.30 am and the couple was taken to the police station and were detained there.

Around 200 people surrounded the police station and agitated against the couple, demanding the police to charge them with forcible conversion. The local media also published the same story in the morning which carried a photograph depicting a Bible and Rosary as proof of the said forcible conversion.

The police let the wife go on the forceful payment of Rs. 9000/- as ‘facilitation charges’ to the police. The husband was granted bail only on 24th January 2017.

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