Christian family forced to flee from their village because of threats and accusations by villagers in Jharkhand

  October 29, 2020

  Giridih, Jharkhand

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment

  Scheduled Tribes, Women

On 29th October 2020 late night, a Christian family consisting of 10 people from Maheshkishore in Giridih, Jharkhand had to escape from their home to save their lives. A large group of people from the village gathered outside the Christian’s house and accused him and his family of being involved in witchcraft and blamed them for a girl in their neighbourhood who is sick. The group called called the men outside, when they did not get any response from inside they started kicking the door and tried to break-in. The family used the back door to escape, they ran fearing for their lives. They ran and walked for around 5kms to get to safety. They finally reached the police station at 2am.

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