Christian Film Screening attacked in Himachal Pradesh, India

  March 15, 2012

  Himachal Pradesh, Mandi

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment

On March 15 in Mandi, student wings of the Hindu extremists attacked a film show and accused the Christians of forceful conversion.

According to local sources, Pastor Sunny Eapan and two Christians from the True Friends Ministry were screening a documentary on the life of Jesus Christ “Daya Sagar” in the college campus after taking permission from the college principal, Man Singh Jamwal

After the movie, some students requested for Bibles and the Christians were distrubuting Bibles when the extremists stormed in, accused the Christians of forceful conversion and threatened to harm them .They filed a police complaint against Pastor Eapan of forceful conversion ,of luring people to convert to Christianity by offering monetary benefits, of making derogative remarks against Hinduism.

The next day, the extremist massed up at the District Collector office demanding the arrests of the pastor and to close down the operation of the True Friends Ministry in the area. They are also pressurizing the landlords of the Christians to send them out from their rented place.

Source: EFI News

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