Christian graveyard damaged by Municipal Corporation

  May 17, 2016

  Madhya Pradesh, Sagar

  Complicity of Authorities, Damage to Property

The Municipal Corporation of Sagar severely damaged a Christian cemetery in Shivaji Ward, during the renovation work of a canal undertaken using JCB machines. The work was to be undertaken on government land but instead encroached upon the Christian graveyard. Graves were broken and skeletons and bones were seen out in the open.

The Christian community was greatly agitated and approached the Additional District Magistrate. The Patwari (a government official who keeps records regarding the ownership of land) was asked to furnish a report demarcating the government land and the Christian graveyard. The report of the Patwari is awaited. It has been alleged by the media that there is no indication of a canal in the government records. The Christians have demanded that after the demarcation, a boundary wall may be erected by the government around the cemetery to avoid repetition of such an occurrence.

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