Christian meet organizers get notice on terror link in Madhya Pradesh, India

  October 8, 2014

  Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment

After refusing permission for an annual Christian gathering in Jobat, Alirajpur, the Madhya Pradesh Police have served a notice on the organizer asking whether his organization was involved in terror, criminal or anti-social activities among other things.

Jhabua-based Moksha Foundation had organized a gathering in Jobat from October 6-9, but the Alirajpur administration refused permission because a marriage between a Christian man and a Hindu woman had caused communal tension.

On Tuesday, foundation president Kapil Sharma was asked by the police to fill up personal information like name, address, passport number and political association among 20 points listed in a one-page document.

The second document sought information about the organization: like the source of funding; whether involved in terror or criminal activities; details of members, including foreigners; and a clear note on the actual inclination of the organization (religious, political, social or communal).

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