Christian Pastor harassed and beaten by religious fanatics

  September 28, 2016

  Karnataka, Shimoga

  Complicity of Authorities, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

In Bhadravathi, Shimoga, Karnataka, on 28.09.16, at evening, a Pastor visited a Christian’s house at Garehalli for a prayer meeting. A few religious fanatics falsely alleged him of indulging religious conversion activities in the village and reportedly conspired to physically assault him.

Knowing of their plan, he called the Paper Town police station following which the police arrive at the spot in time to protect him and take all concerned to the police station for an inquiry.

The Pastor was sitting close to the window of the police station. At this time, one of the fundamentalists pulled the Pastor’s head and started to beat him in the police station itself. Inspector and the PSI later let off the fanatics with a stern warning to refrain from such acts in the future.No FIR has been made.

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