Christian prayers disrupted by leader of hindutva outfit, Pastor roughed up in front of his family

  April 3, 2016

  Erode, Tamil Nadu

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

On 3rd April at about 10.30 am, the leader of a radical hidutva outfit disrupted Christian prayers that were being conducted for a small group by a Pastor in Sathiyamangalam, Erode District, TN, India. The Pastor has been conducting the prayers in that location for the past two years. The said disrupter then told the Pastor to proceed to the Police station. When he saw that the Pastor was attempting to drive his family home to safety, the fanatic put his two wheeler in front of the Pastor’s vehicle to stop him, proceeded to assault him, held him by his shirt, and abused him with very bad language. He was protected by a policeman who was in the vicinity who helped him to return home safely.

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