Christian prayers disrupted, Pastor falsely alleged of forceful religious conversion work

  July 31, 2016

  Haryana, Panipat

  Damage to Property, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment

A Christian pastor from Panipat, Haryana has been falsely alleged of carrying out religious conversions. He has been ministering at Kutani Road, Jagdish Nagar, Panipat since 2008.

Few years ago, the eldest son of a couple who had embraced Christianity was asked to leave the house because he was keeping inappropriate company with hooligans. He somehow contacted the pastor and other church members just so that they could persuade his parents to take him back into the family. A reconciliation could not materialize.

On 31.7.2016, when a prayer meeting was going on in the church, the eldest son, along with one of his brothers and other people barged into the church and video recorded everything.

They have made a complaint against the pastor alleging forceful religious conversion at the Kyla police station. On the afternoon of 1.8.2016, the pastor was called to the police station for interrogation.

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