Christian wedding disrupted, Pastors and other Christians falsely accused of unlawful religious conversions

  April 27, 2016

  Madhya Pradesh, Satna

  Anti-Conversion Laws, Complicity of Authorities, Damage to Property, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

The Police entered a church in Satna during a wedding ceremony following a complaint by activists of a radical hidutva outfit that the bride and the groom had been unlawfully converted to Christianity.

Accompanied by the activists, a Kolgawan police team entered the church and arrested 10 people, including the Pastor, the groom’s parents and even some of the guests at the wedding.

The police stated that though the couple had converted to Christianity on their own accord about four years ago, the district authorities had not been informed, which is a crime under the state’s anti-conversion legislation.

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