Christian worker Harassed in Madhya Pradesh, India

  August 8, 2012

  Madhya Pradesh, Satna

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

A group of anti-Christian people severely beat up a Christian worker, forced him to declare the name of a Hindu god on August 8 in Satna.

It was reported that Bro. Stephen was distributing gospel tracts when one man invited him to his home. Stephen went with the man and he met another man who asked him inside the compound.

Thereafter, the two men took him into a room, and started to beat him and forced him to say the name of a Hindu god.

Another extremist came and the three of them mercilessly beat up Stephen, mocked him and took a photograph of him holding the tracts close to his face.

The three men further threatened the Christian worker with dire consequences if he did not vacate his home the next day.

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