Christian worship service disrupted, worshipers forcefully dispersed

  October 23, 2016

  Erode, Tamil Nadu

  Complicity of Authorities, Damage to Property, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment

Pastor of a Church in Kottuveerampalayam, Satyamangalam, Erode was on April 3, 2016 evicted from a rented premises where they had been conducting worship services. Right wing religious activists had put pressure on the landlord to have them evicted.

Following this, they had been conducting their prayer services temporarily in various locations before finally choosing the present rented premise, the landlord of which is a Christian and who has given in writing that he is happy with Christian prayers being conducted by the tenants.

On 23.10.2016, the Pastor began the first Sunday Worship service at the new location at 9 AM and was shocked to see the police barge into the premises and disrupt the prayers at around 10 AM. The police from nearby Satyamangalam police station demanded that the Christians be dispersed immediately.

The Pastor answered them boldly that they could not stop the prayers and that they needed another hour to complete the service. However, the police pointed to the crowd gathered outside, who were demanding that the prayers be stopped, and stated that to bring things under control, they were left with no other option. Unfortunately, they had their way, much to the disappointed of the churchgoers.

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