Christians asked by police to obtain permission from the Panchayat to hold prayer services in Karnataka

  July 16, 2019

  Devanagere, Karnataka

  Restrictions on religious assembly

On 14.07.2019, after the worship service held in a church situated at Basavapattana, Chennagiri Taluk in Devanagere District in Karnataka, some Christians stayed back and were doing some cementing work in their church which is presently in the form of a temporary shed when the Sub-Inspector and the Constable of the district came to the church and asked the believers if they had permission to hold prayers and other activities there and threatened to arrest them. At around 4 o’ clock, their pastor accompanied by some believers went to the police station with their Trust Deed and a copy of their Rental Agreement. The police saw the documents and asked them to pause their services until they obtain permission from the Panchayat to carry on with their services. The police also had them sign a document, the contents of which they are unaware of.

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