Christians assaulted, their homes vandalized

  February 28, 2017

  Garhchiroli, Maharashtra

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

On 28th February 2017, Christians were assaulted and their homes were vandalized in Batti village, Bhamragad, Gadchiroli district, Maharashtra.

A group of 20 Hindutva activists from the village got together in a village (panchayat) meeting and summoned three Christian families living in the village for ‘peace talks’.

The Hindutva group pressurized the Christians to leave the village. Soon the villagers started to assault the Christians present there and proceeded to vandalize their homes.

The pastor took the assaulted Christians along and reported the matter to the local police station. The police called the villagers and warned them against the assault and instructed them to repair the Christian homes that have been vandalized.

No case was registered against the attackers.

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