Christians Attacked in West Bengal, India

  March 30, 2012

  Murshidabad, West Bengal

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

On March 30 in Nutangram, Murshidabad, West Bengal, Muslim radicals forcefully entered into the prayer meeting and beat up Christians including women.

According to sources, about 100 Muslim radicals led by Mohammed Aanu Shaike barged into the prayer meeting conducted at the home of Gaffar Shaike, verbally abused them and mercilessly beat up the Christians including women. The radicals also provoked Muslim women to beat up the Christian women and chased the Christians including children with a knife, threatening to murder them all.

The Christians were running in all directions for their lives including children who were crying in fear but they were stopped at every corner by the radicals who kicked, pushed and verbally abused them. The police rushed to the spot and put the situation under control.

Source: EFI News

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