Christians beaten after Diwali in Maharashtra, India

  October 28, 2014

  Maharashtra, Nashik

  Physical assault

Three Christians were beaten up after the Diwali Celebrations in Kamsheth Village of Peth Taluka, Nashik on October 28, 2014. All villagers were earlier asked to contribute Rs. 300/- per family as Diwali Celebration contribution out of which it was agreed that four Christian families would pay Rs. 150 and it was later collected as well.
On Thursday the 28th October 2014 evening after the Diwali Celebration the four Christian men were called and the Rs.150/- contributed was returned and then collected back. The villagers gathered and starting beating the Christians. While 3 of them escaped, one of them was beaten badly and even stoned.

They then attacked the homes of two Christians and stoned the house destroying most of its tiled roofs. Their families escaped and hid in the nearby forests fearing their safety. Police personnel from the Harsul Police Station protected and attempted to bring the Christians back in to the village at night, but the police were also attacked this time as the mob took the advantage of the darkness at night.

The police now has registered a case against the Christians themselves for assault of police.

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