Christians extorted, harassed, a Christian grave damaged

  October 28, 2016

  Chhattisgarh, Kanker

  Complicity of Authorities, Damage to Property, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

On 15 February 2016, a Sarpanch and village Patel along with around 150 persons called the Christians from several villages and held meetings with them. They met 5-6 Christian families in Chottapara, 5-6 families in Uppar para, 5-6 families in Patel para, 5-6 families in Khalepara, 5-6 families in Kalarpara and in Gandapara.

The Christians in each village were asked to contribute Rs. 500/- towards the construction of the temple of a goddess.

A Pastor refused to give any contribution for the temple construction, however he said he would be willing to give any money for the village welfare. At this the Sarpanch, Patel and others threatened the pastor and warned him that he would not receive any benefits earmarked for the Adivasis and accused him of insulting the village gods. Thereafter the Sarpanch and other villagers broke a Christian grave.

A complaint was made to the Collector and at the Amabed Police Station.

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