Christians Harassed in Assam, India

  June 9, 2012

  Assam, Kamrup Metropolitan

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault


A group of alleged armed Hindu extremists attacked Christians which resulted in three ending up in a hospital including one woman on June 9 in Deopani, South Kamrup, Assam.

It was reported that about 40 extremists barged into the house of a new follower of Christ, Manesor Rabha where two other Christians Micheal Rabha and Prashanto Rabha were hiding as the extremists were threatening to reconvert them back to Hinduism.

The extremists hurled verbal abuses at the Christians and forcefully took three Christians, Michael Rabha, Prashanto Rabha and Mala Rabha , wife of Manesor Rabha to the village club house and harassed them. The Christians were kicked, boxed and mercilessly beaten up.

Thereafter they were threatened with dire consequences if they reported the matter to the police.

The three Christians sustained severe injuries and were admitted at Satribari Christian Hospital on the next morning. Two other families comprising of seven members have also fled from the village.

The Christians lodged a police complaint. Investigation is underway.

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