Christians Harassed in Tamil Nadu, India

  April 2, 2012

  Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment

In Akkarapettai, Nagapattinam, anti-Christian group tore up Bibles and gospel literature in the homes of children attending Scripture Union’s centre, SUHASYA, which minister to Children in Crisis after learning that they have attended church services.

According to local sources, after the anti-Christian group learned that there was noticeable drop in numbers of people attending one Hindu festival, they made an enquiry and found out that many villagers were attending church services.

Thereafter, on April 2 the enraged extremists went to a government school and announced to reward the children who have Christian literature in their homes. Some children said they have gospel books in their houses.

Subsequently, the anti people started harassing the children who admitted to keeping Christian books in their homes. They summoned their parents, verbally abused them and threatened to expel them from the village if they continued to go to church and entertain Christian faith.

Again, on the next day, the group went to the houses of the Christians and searched for Bibles and other literature. They tore the Bibles and other gospel literature they found and threatened them not to go to church or face dire consequences. They also threatened to deal with the person in charge of SUSHASYA.

The anti- group asked one family to vacate the house after they openly said they are worshipping Jesus. One person identified only Mahalaxmi and three other families filed a police complaint against the attackers and police protection was provided until yesterday. The anti- group have also locked 12 Christian houses for three days but after the intervention of the police, the Christians are able to live in their own homes again. However, out of fear some Christians are staying away from the village.

Source: EFI News

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