Christians Harrassed in Uttrakhand, India

  June 17, 2011

  Nainital, Uttarakhand

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

On 12 June in Bellparao,Nainital, an angry mob barged into the marriage reception of a follower of Christ from a Sikh background, Suresh Chand, accused him and his family of not following Sikh rituals and damaged properties worth about rupees 60,000/-.

At about 5.p.m, the Sikh mob led by Dr Baldev Singh, a relative of Suresh Chand, barged into the wedding reception of Suresh Chand and Aarti Shan, started calling the Christians infidels and damaged furniture, decorations, sound equipments and food.

The police arrived on the spot and took Suresh Chand’s elder brother, Amarjit Chand and their father Dharam Chand and the local pastor Rajendra Singh to the station and detained them for the whole night, allegedly as a safety measure. The police released the Christians without charges the next morning.

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