Christians persecuted, fear for their lives

  March 3, 2016

  Haridwar, Uttarakhand

  Complicity of Authorities, Damage to Property, Physical assault

On 3 March, in Krishna Nagar, Roorkee, around 25 members of a right wing outfit attacked a Christian meeting. The attack took place when Christians were having a community meal at the house of a local Christian who had invited Pastors and other Church members. Suddenly and without provocation, the attackers barged into his house, alleging that conversions were going on and started beating the Christians present including the women. The attackers targeted the Pastor and Assistant Pastor in particular. Later nine Christians were dragged to the local police station where the police were pressurized by the attackers to register a complaint against the Christians. The aggressors also mobilized a crowd of around 500 people who surrounded the police station demanding action against the Christians . The police carried an investigation and not finding any incriminating evidence, released the Christians. The Pastors fear for their lives and have given an application to the police for their protection.

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