Christians physically assaulted, family members verbally abused, Bibles torn and families forcefully subjected to Hindu rituals of re-conversion in Bihar

  August 25, 2019

  Bhagalpur, Bihar

  Intimidation and Threats, Physical assault, Restrictions on religious assembly

  Children, Scheduled Castes, Women

Four to five people belonging to the Harijan Community in Bhagalpur, Bihar have been harassing and threatening a Christian family to leave Christianity and join their religious group that worships the goddess Kali. They physically assaulted the members of the said family, including the victim’s son aged 17 years, his daughter aged 15 years and his wife while they were in their house. They also tore a Bible and threw it. Thereafter, on 30.08.2019 they took the victim and his wife along with 3 other Christians to the Ganga river and forcefully performed rituals pertaining to re-conversion to Hinduism on all the members of the said family and others accompanying them.

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