Christmas function disrupted by violent mob of hindutva activists

  December 18, 2016

  Ganganagar, Rajasthan

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

A Christmas celebration was organized on December 18, 2017 by Christians by the name of “Masih Utsav” which when translated from Hindi means “Jesus Festival”

A violent mob of hindutva activists disrupted the Christmas celebrations, while making false allegations of forcible religious conversions by the organizers.

The venue where the celebrations were to be held was forcefully locked from the outside, forcing the Christians to go ahead with their program on the street outside.

Protests and chaos are reported to have continued for close to 4 hours.

The organizers of the function invited the administration to record the proceedings of the program since they had nothing to hide. They also stated that they had duly obtained all necessary permissions to carry out the celebrations.

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