Christmas program disrupted, Pastor’s family attacked

  December 25, 2016

  Tamil Nadu, Thiruvallur

  Complicity of Authorities, Damage to Property, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

When a Christmas program on 25.12.2016 at Karanodai in Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu was about to conclude, a person under the influence of alcohol barged into the church and attacked the pastor’s family members.

As soon as this person entered the premises where the program was happening, he straightway walked towards pastor’s mother and attacked her with the wooden rod. She is suffering from epilepsy. When the pastor’s elder sister intervened to protect her mother, he responded by saying that there should not be any church in this area and immediately picked up an asbestos sheet, kept nearby in the corner, and attacked her also on the waist from behind. He kept on using abusive words towards the pastor and made threats to his life and his family members’.

After hearing that the people had called police, he managed to run away. Later the police traced this person and identified him as Rajupandu Balu from the neighborhood village. He is reported to be well connected with influential persons in that aread.

Subsequently the pastor and his family members were called to the Sholavaram police station to identify the person.

It was reported that upon identification, while lodging the FIR, the police kept on altering the incident details and some parts of incident were omitted by the police including the assault on the pastor’s wife.

The Church has been operative at Karanodai since last 8 years. At present, there 200 members in the church.

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