Fasting Prayer disrupted in Karnataka, India

  December 18, 2013

  Karnataka, Udupi

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment

On 18 Dec in Karkhala, Udupi, police entered into a fasting prayer after the Bajrang Dal and the village head filed a police complaint against a pastor of forceful conversion.

It was reported that the police along with the village head and about 15 Bajrang Dal arrived at the prayer hall of End time Full Gospel Harvest Church at about 12 p.m.

Thereafter, the police questioned the Pastor whether he was indulging in forceful conversion as reported by the Bajrang Dal and the village head.

The Pastor told the police to ask the people who came to the prayer meeting whether forceful conversion has taken place or not.

The police took the pastor and five Christians to the police station for further questioning. All the Christians testified that they come to the church by their own free will and no forceful conversion has taken place. The police then warned the Bajrang Dal not to disturb the Christians again.

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