Hindutva activists warned Pastor not conduct worship service or face dire consequences

  August 6, 2017

  Karur, Tamil Nadu

  Anti-Conversion Laws, Complicity of Authorities, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault, Restrictions on religious assembly


On 6th August 2017, Pastor was threatened by a group of hindutva activists leader when he was at a house-church for a prayer meeting in Karur District, Tamil Nadu.

Pastor was warned to stop conducting the services on Sundays else they will come back in a big group and there will be dire consequences.

Next Sunday (Aug 13, 2017) as usual pastor had gone to conduct Sunday worship service at the house-church, around twenty hindutva activists barged into the church. They abused pastor and took him on their motorbike. They drove to the Kulithalai police station . On the way to the police station, pastor was taken to a mutton shop on the road side and again verbally assaulted and slapped few times on his face and then dragged to the police station.

Police personnel were forced by hindutva activists to file an FIR against pastor. A false complaint was given saying that pastor was distributing tracts near the bus stand and was carrying out forcible conversion. But the police inspector refused to take the false complaint and responded saying if I make a false case against him I may land up in trouble and they made pastor give in writing that he will not continue the with the Sunday service.

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