Hindutva extremists severely assault pastor and outrage modesty of Christian women in Gujarat

  October 22, 2019

  Dahod, Gujarat

  Intimidation and Threats, Physical assault, Sexual assault


A Pastor called and informed that he regularly attends a weekly prayer meeting held in Fatehpura Tehsil in Dahod, Gujarat which is attended by 35 to 40 people. This Tuesday, as he was about to leave the prayer meeting, some anti-Christian elements showed up and vociferously protested against the prayer meeting. They leveled allegations of religious conversions against the pastors and other Christians with him and severely assaulted the Pastor and outraged the modesty of a woman present there. The attackers then continued their physical assault on the Pastor with wooden sticks and iron rods until the Pastor fell unconscious. The attackers left the spot when the Pastor fell.

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