Houseowner beaten up for defending Pastor in Bihar, India

  August 31, 2014

  Bihar, Patna

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

A pastor and his house owner were beaten by Hindu fundamentalists at Bhusala Danapur, Patna on August 31, 2014. Pastor Rakesh (name changed) along with two other pastors were showing the film on Jesus in front of their house while two Hindu fundamentalists Shri Sanjay Roi and Shri Bumphod Roi came to the spot and stopped the film show. They shouted at the pastors and verbally threatened them saying “We are Hindus and we are living in Hindustan. Why are you converting us?” They then forced the pastors to worship Hindu Gods. When Pastor Rakesh’s house owner saw this, he came to defend the Pastor. The men then started beating both the house owner and the Pastor. The fundamentalists left the scene when the villagers intervened and stopped the beating. No reports have been filed till press time.

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