Hundreds of Christian families being pressurized to renounce their faith in Christ

  August 25, 2016

  Bihar, Buxar

  Complicity of Authorities, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment

A few hindutva groups, with the help of like-minded politicians with vested interests are trying to sensationalize the fact that hundreds of families residing mainly in the Dumraon subdivision, Buxar District, Bihar had embraced the Christian faith.

The anti-Christian propaganda began on August 25, 2016 and the BDO & CO were reportedly ordered to investigate into allegations of mass religious conversion by enticement.

The Christians have maintained consistently that they had voluntarily embraced the faith and that there had been no force, fraud or allurement to influence their decision.

The DM of the district had been under tremendous pressure to order a probe. It is believed by the Christians that the radical outfits and politicians are attempting to intimidate them to renounce their faith.

The Christians are preparing a petition seeking protection in the wake of reports of a Ghar Wapsi campaign that is allegedly being planned by radical right-wing groups on September 3, 2016.

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