Mob of around 1000 people entered the church and bunt the church properties at Nowshera

  January 15, 2018

  Jammu and Kashmir, Rajouri

  Damage to Property, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Restrictions on religious assembly


On 15th January 2018, Mob of around 1000 people entered the church and bunt the church properties in Sehal Village, Nowshera Jammu & Kashmir.

Hindutva extremists entered the church and burnt the entire church building. Also they went ahead and destroyed other properties belongs to the Christians around the area.

Unfettered violence was meted out against the church properties and its members by the mob stating that the church members were purportedly responsible for the death of a person in Punjab. The lady went for a treatment in Jalandhar for some time and she passed away there due to sickness and the people of this villagers said that the church is responsible for her death.

Also the mob desecrated the church premises by cremating her mortal remains at the entrance of the church. It is apparent that the church at Sehal village and its members are being targeted for being minorities belonging to Christian community and their religious sentiments have been deliberately trampled.

In fact, all Christians in the village have been threatened by the hindutva extremists with ex-communication by villagers of the majority community. A complaint has already been filed before the Inspector General of Police, Jammu and Kashmir to constitute a Special Investigation Team to investigate this grave incident. A rough approximate of the loss caused to the properties of the church and the Christians residing in Sehal village is 13, 27, 300/-

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