Mob of religious extremists threaten and assault Christians gathered for prayers in Madhya Pradesh

  December 31, 2020

  Barwani, Madhya Pradesh

  Complicity of Authorities, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Mob violence, Physical assault

  Scheduled Tribes, Women

A pastor took permission to hold a prayer service at one of his congregants’ house situated at Barwani, Madhya Pradesh. When the pastor was on his way to the congregant’s house, a mob of 50 religious extremists barged into the person’s house where some congregants had already gathered for prayers. The mob physically assaulted those who were gathered there. As a result, one of the women who was pregnant suffered a miscarriage. The assailants also misbehaved with other ladies of the congregation and accused all of them of converting villagers to Christianity by giving them money as an allurement to convert. When the Christians went to the police station to file a police complaint regarding the incident, the police refused to register an FIR against the culprits alleging that they need to verify whether conversions by allurement are taking place or not.

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