Mob of religious fanatics disrupt a prayer meeting and threaten and harass the Christians in Narela, Delhi

  June 23, 2019

  NCT of Delhi, North West Delhi

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Restrictions on religious assembly

  Children, Women

A mob of 150 religious extremists barged into a Sunday prayer meeting being held in a church situated at Swatantra Nagar, Narela, Delhi, disrupted the prayer meeting and alleged that the Pastor converts people to Christianity by alluring them with money. They further harassed the faithful by mocking them for their testimonies of being healed because of prayers and insisted that the prayer services should be shut down. After a few days, some religious fanatics went to the pastor again and inquired why he visits each house and holds prayers. They warned him that he could be a Christian but that he should not convert anyone else to Christianity.


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