Pastor Accused of Forceful Conversion in Karnataka, India

  June 18, 2012

  Bijapur, Karnataka

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment

Karnataka police accused a pastor of forceful conversion after receiving alleged complaints against them of forceful conversion activities in Muddebehal, Bijapur on June 18.

A police man identified only as Pawar visited the church Pastor Manjappa Byadayi from Salvation Gospel Church and began leveling allegations against them that they were involved in conversion work stating that “there have been many complaints against them” and ordered the Christians to report to the police station with all information about their activities.

Subsequently, Pastor Byadayi and his wife reported to the police station. An inquiry was conducted and they were alleged that they are actively involved in forcible conversion of Hindus to Christianity and that they must stop it immediately.

The Christians were also ordered to close down their church and to immediately clear out of the place, failing which they should report to the police station everyday about all their activities.

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