Pastor Accused of Forceful Conversion; Prayer Meetings Stopped in Karnataka, India

  August 5, 2012

  Karnataka, Shimoga

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

Alleged Hindu extremists barged into the prayer meeting of Gypsy Mission Church, falsely accused the pastor of luring people to convert to Christianity, beat him up and tore his shirt on August 5 in Gopi Shetty Koppa, Shimoga District.

It was reported that at about 11:30 a.m, a group of 30 extremists forcefully entered into the prayer hall and started to verbally abused Pastor Ventakesh Naik, the church members and forcefully took Bibles and song books.

The extremists become more enraged and lodged a police compliant against Pastor Naik of forceful conversion. The police reached the spot and took the pastor, his wife and six believers to the Thana, questioned them and detained them for about 8 hours. The police also seized the pastor‘s bike and auto rickshaw.

Later, at the police station, the anti-Christian group along with one local television channel massed up. The police station in charge, Davendrappa tried to forced Pastor Naik to publicly apologize and to give a statement in front of the camera that he will not be involved in any conversion activities in future. However, the pastor refused.

The pastor, at press time, has stopped conducting prayer meetings. Area Christian leaders are taking steps to solve the matter.

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