Pastor and his family severely assaulted and robbed of their belongings in Punjab; Police uncooperative

  September 17, 2020

  Punjab, Tarn Taran

  Complicity of Authorities, Damage to Property, Mob violence, Physical assault


On 17th September, 2020, around 9:30 PM, as a Pastor, his wife and their son were heading home after attending a church gathering at Bhalasaur in Tarn Taran in Punjab, some people on bikes followed them home. When they reached their house, they saw some people had already gathered there. Since they could smell trouble, they tried to avoid the mob but before they could safely enter their house, the assailants severely assaulted the three of them. They broke the woman’s hand and severely injured the pastor and his son. They also robbed them of their valuables including money, mobile phones and jewelry. Later they went to the hospital to get first aid, and got stitches because of the severity of their wounds. Unfortunately, by the time they reached the police station, they got to know that two of the assailants had already filed a police complaint against them.

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