Pastor Attacked in Tamil Nadu, India

  January 28, 2013

  Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment

On 28 January in Kottur, Tamil Nadu, alleged Hindu extremists attack a pastor on his way to visit a member of the church.

About six anti-Christian people stopped the Pastor from the Indian Pentecostal Church as he was distributing gospel tracts, hurled verbal abuse at him, snatched his bag which has a Bible, some gospel tracts and a money.

The extremists shouted at the pastor not to distribute tracts and never to come back in the area. He received bruises all over his body and he also complaint of internal pain in his body. He received treatment in a private hospital.

After the intervention of Christian leaders, the police registered an FIR against the attackers which however was withdrawn by the area Christians after the local politician and the Hindu extremists urged them for a compromise. The attackers promise not to disturb the Christians again.

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