Pastor chased on motorcycles and attacked by religious fanatics

  March 24, 2016

  Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

At about 12 noon, the Pastor was near his home, riding on his scooter, when a few religious fanatics attempted to stop him. When they saw that he would not be stopped, five of them on three motorcycles, chased after him for one kilometer and banged into his moving vehicle. He and his vehicle fell into a pit and he was badly injured from the fall. The assailant also sustained injuries from his fall. The attackers were joined by three more fanatics who harbor a grudge against the pastor because of the church ministry that he is carrying out in the area. They have been falsely alleging him of carrying out religious conversion work. All eight of them then began to mercilessly beat the pastor with sticks and other hard objects. After this, they falsely reported the incident as an accident at the Gosaiganj police station.

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