Pastor forcefully detained in Madhya Pradesh, India

  December 24, 2014

  Madhya Pradesh, Ujjain

  Physical assault

On December 24, 2014, Pr. Akash Sisodia was forcefully taken from his house to the Police by Hindutva Activists on false allegations of conversions. Ps. Akash was conducting a meeting in his house at Pratapnagar, Pavasa. Around 150 Hindutva activists surrounded his house and took Pr. Akash to Chimanganj Mandi police station in Ujjain. They also and locked his house leaving his wife and children outside. They then took pictures of Christian literature which was already with them and filed false details of photo along with a note that the pastor was caught while converting people in his house, which was absolutely false. No Reports were filed till press time.

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