Pastor, pregnant wife and infant brutally attacked

  October 8, 2015

  Kapurthala, Punjab

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

Pastor and his family got brutally beaten up to the point of death in Phagwara, Punjab.

Pastor was hit with some iron object on his head which made him unconscious for couple of hours and he bled profusely as a result his clothes soaked in his own blood. Pastor’s wife, who is at seventh month of pregnancy, was treated none different. She was manhandled and struck many times over on her stomach by the mob present. Also, affected pastoral couple has an 11 months old baby boy who was present at the time of incident. The boy was thrown at pile of bricks which caused him serious internal injuries.

The family was admitted in the civil hospital in Phagwara. All family members are in critical condition particularly 10 months old baby boy and pastor who’s got stitches on his head.

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