Pastors Arrested in Uttar Pradesh, India

  July 13, 2011

  Unnao, Uttar Pradesh

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment

he police arrested five pastors from the Gospel Messengers Team on the morning of 13 July in Bighapur, Unnoa, charging them of trying to convert people to Christianity, by force.

The police arrested the pastors after a mob of about 75 people led by Himesh Dixit, Subhash Bajpai and Chinh Patel, known leaders of the area Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), raided a meeting being organised by the Christians and threatened all those present. The mob falsely charged the pastors of having forcibly converted people to Christianity and of paying those present to attend the meeting. The Christians were warned not to continue their ministry in the city.

After a short time the police arrived, taking away Pastor (s) Ganga Prasad, Brother Om Prakash, Bother Desh Kumar, Brother Vinod Kumar, Brother Prem Shankar, accusing them of forced conversions and other crimes.

The pastors were released on bail at 7 p.m later that evening.

Source: EFI News

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