Prayer Meeting Attacked in New Delhi, India

  March 12, 2012

  NCT of Delhi, New Delhi

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment

On March 12, Hindu extremists allegedly from the Bajrang Dal attacked a prayer meeting in the heart of the national capital, Kalkaji, New Delhi threatening Christians of dire consequence if they regularly meet for prayer meetings in future.

Mr. Jagdish Dey from Apostolic Faith Church (AFC) was conducting a prayer meeting at the residence of one church member attended by six ladies and few children when the extremists stood at the door of the house and started taking pictures. Right after the final prayer was over, the extremists forcefully entered into the house, claiming to be of Bajrang Dal outfit, dragged Mr. Dey out on the street, where about 30 armed extremists awaited outside to beat him up. However, the Christian ladies came out, surrounded Mr. Dey and defended him.

Source: EFI News

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