Prayer meeting disrupted by village administrative officers

  April 9, 2017

  Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

  Complicity of Authorities, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Restrictions on religious assembly

On 9th April 2017, a prayer meeting was disrupted by the village administrative officers at Keeranur Post, Palani Taluka, district Dindigul, Tamil Nadu.

The officers took video clips and pictures of the people praying in the house and told the people to stop the prayers. They also told the Christians to take permission from the District Collector before praying in the house.

The pastor explained that the prayers are not attended by public and are a family affair, nor is any loudspeaker system used during these prayers.
In spite of telling the authorities this, they did not relent and forced the pastor to sign on a letter that they had prepared, and asked him to report at the Tehsildar’s office on the following day.

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