Prayer meeting disrupted in Chhattisgarh, India

  January 19, 2012

  Chhattisgarh, Kabirdham

  Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Physical assault

Hindu extremists on January 19th disrupted a worship service conducted by Pastor Victor Menon in Polmi Navapara village, near Pandaria in Kawardha district of Chhattisgarh.

Pastor Victor Menon, Sant Kumar Diwakar along with family from the Masihi Aradhanalay church in Korba were invited by believer Sonsingh Paraste to conduct a prayer meeting.

During the prayer meeting at around 10 am the police along with 6 to 7 personel entered the house of Mr. Sonsingh Paraste and stopped the meeting which was being conducted by Pastor Victor Menon.

Police, informed the Pastor that a complaint has been filed against them in nearby Kukdur Police Station alleging them of conversion.

Thereafter, Pastor Victor Menon, Mr. Sonsingh Paraste and Mr. Sant Kumar Diwakar were taken to the Police Station.

Inspector Shukla arrived at the police station, he verbally abused and slapped the Christians and a case was registered against them under Section 151 of Indian Penal Code.

The believers were produced in Pandaria Court and later were released on bail at press time.

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