Prayer services disrupted in Palghar, Mumbai.

  May 30, 2019

  Maharashtra, Palghar

  Complicity of Authorities, Intimidation, Threats and Harassment, Restrictions on religious assembly


A pastor who leads house prayers in Palghar District in Mumbai faced persecutions on 30.05.2019. Notably, the premises which is leased out for conducting the prayer services is registered. The neighbour who lives approximately 150-200 feet away from the Pastor’s house barged into the prayer service and verbally abused the pastor. He also regularly incites people on a whatsapp group against the Pastor and the Christian congregation.

The assailant also approached the Panchayat and the local police at the Satpati Police Station with a complaint. Consequently, the Pastor was called at the Panchayat. It ordered him to obtain permission from the police to run the prayer service. Thereafter, the pastor was also called at the police station, which he visited along with the sister who owns the place where the worship takes place. The Police Inspector verbally abused him in front of the complainant and threatened him saying he must leave the district immediately. He further asked the pastor to obtain permission to run the home church from the Panchayat Committee.



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