Vocational Bible Study Stopped in Tamil Nadu, India

  April 30, 2012

  Tamil Nadu, Theni

  Intimidation and Threats

On April 30 in Banglawmedu,Theni state police cancelled the Vocational Bible Study (VBS) after Hindu extremists allegedly from the Bharatiya Janata Party disrupted the meeting and ordered the Christians to stop forceful conversion.

It was report that the extremists barged into the VBS conducted by Pastor V Pastor V.Neethirajan from The Church of God Ministry, manhandled them and ordered them to stop the VBS immediately.

Hoisting their party flag aloft, the extremists shouted, “Don’t convert Hindus to Christianity, we won’t allow it,” and threatened to beat up the Christians if they continued the programme.

After stopping the Bible Study, the pastor along with some believers went to the nearby police station and lodged a police complaint against the attackers.

The police warned the extremists and also ordered the Christians to cancel the VBS. Subsequently, the Bible Study was cancelled.

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